Ciccone McKay Private Wealth:

Ciccone McKay Private Wealth (CMPW) provides wealth management services to high net worth investors and those looking for goal-based discretionary investing opportunities. At CMPW, we are driven by the desire to understand and act upon what matters most to you, our client. We are proud to offer our clients exclusive access to proprietary pooled funds, and the exceptional opportunity to build for tomorrow.

Strategic Asset Management

An asset mix suited to your goals.

Rigorous Investment Process

An unparalleled selection process with exceptional results.

Total Risk

Low correlation and high diversification, not just risk and return.

For the Discerning Investor

Industry Leading Professionals

Comprised of individuals with the highest industry credentials and real-world experience, the team at Ciccone McKay Private Wealth understands that we work with you, and for you.

Alongside our team, you will gain direct access to the portfolio managers with whom we work; this provides a unique benefit not typically available to investors.

Our experts include those with the highest industry credentials including, CFP, CPA and CFA professionals.


Our Approach


Working with you...

A major problem we note is the tendency of investors to allow emotion to override sound investment planning. The result of emotional investing is a behaviour gap, or, the gap between the return of the investment versus the investor's return. At Ciccone McKay, we address this problem by taking a holistic view of personal financial planning. Once our financial planners have developed your personal Playbook, our partnered portfolio managers then work with you to develop the right strategy, allocation and guidelines to ensure long term success.

...for you

Our typical client has investable assets in excess of $1M, and the need for personalized service and solutions appropriate for large portfolios. What clients of CMPW have in common is a desire to create a defined plan to reach their goals, with the expert guidance of a professional portfolio manager.


Investment Philosophy

At Ciccone McKay Private Wealth, we believe an appropriate asset allocation is crucial in achieving each client’s long terms goals. To achieve these goals, we abide by the key investment principles of staying invested over the long term, and not being swayed by emotion.

Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.

- Wayne Huizenga -

Total Portfolio Management

Ciccone McKay Private Wealth embraces a concept called Total Portfolio Management. A term used in pension management, this refers to building portfolios that maximize long-term returns without taking undue risk. The approach to Total Portfolio Management for high net worth clients include Risk Management, Liquidity Management and Tax Minimization.


Risk Management

Thoughtful, pension-calibre risk control.

Liquidity Management

Portfolio managers transact in deeper, fully liquid markets.

Tax Minimization

Focus on capital gain and dividend generation for higher tax efficiency.

Louisbourg Investments Inc.

Our philosophy led us to partner with Louisbourg Investments, a firm whose philosophy mirrors our own. Our strategic partnership was carefully constructed to create a risk mitigation offering for our clients with certain levels of investable assets. Our clients benefit from institutional calibre investing with a focus on risk management and consistency, an approach that is not normally available to individuals or families. Particularly beneficial are the competitive fees which are typically only attainable with much larger accounts.

Louisbourg takes a unique approach based on four underlying drivers that make up the core of their investment strategy. Their team, an extension of our own, is comprised of individuals with the highest industry credentials. Working together, we create portfolios that fit your needs, operate effectively and efficiently, with low fees and full transparency.

At CMPW, we are driven by the desire to understand and act upon what matters most to you, our client. We are proud to offer our clients exclusive access to proprietary pooled funds, and the exceptional opportunity to build for tomorrow.


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